Remi’s First Month In Copenhagen




Hi everyone!! It officially marks my first month in Copenhagen and all I can say is that time really does fly by. I feel like I have done so much in the last 30 days that sometimes it feels like a fever dream. My first short study tour wrapped 2 weeks ago and I feel like I am still reeling from the effects of that. At DIS, you take 5 classes and one of them is called your core course class where you travel with the classmates in that specific course. My core class is Cyberpsychology, so I travel with my class twice during the semester. DIS calls these travel weeks “study tours”. My class and I had our first study tour to Aarhus, Denmark which I discussed in my last blog post. It was so much fun, but also exhausting at times.

I’ve always learned so much about myself from this month as well. I thought that I would not get homesick because I was already used to being away from my family; because I’ve been away at Smith College for three years. But being three hours away from home and an entire ocean is VASTLY different. But, I’ve learned that it is okay to be by myself and to explore things on my own. I feel that society is always pressuring us to complete things with other people in order to truly have fun, but I can always have a good time with just myself and that is enough for me!

This week was more laid back and chill. It also went by extremely fast as well, which tracks well because I feel like my entire experience is moving very quickly. This makes me want to cherish every moment that I have abroad; with the friends that I make and also with my host family. I do miss my family and friends back home, but I know that I will see them again in no time to tell them all about all of my experiences in Copenhagen! On Thursday, I had the chance to go to Tivoli which is a famous amusement park in Copenhagen and it was so much fun! My study abroad paid the general admission fee for students living in a homestay, so free entry for me! I am going to attach a photo below of me at Tivoli. This weekend, I didn’t go anywhere and was able to finally relax and sleep which has been so beneficial to me this past weekend. Studying abroad can be so fun and eye opening, but it can also be tiring a lot of the time as well. I think this weekend reminded me that it is okay to sometimes take time for yourself and just do absolutely NOTHING. Remember to unwind and take care of yourself, especially when you are in a new country studying abroad away from your friends and family.