Reflection “Internship Abroad Hong Kong Summer” Claudia Acuna





Hi, my name is Claudia Acuna,
I did an internship abroad in Hong Kong during the summer 2018. I was working for a environmental NGO company helping mainly in two projects:
1) Heroestoo “Ecopledge App”: I was helping with the beginnings of the design process and user experience of the app.
2) White whole Design – 100 degrees C project: I was working in research for speakers, collaborators and funds, as well as putting together what will be a series of seminars about environmental, sustainability and social innovation topics. (I forgot to mention this in my video).
I was a full-time intern during the summer. So, on my weekends I took some time to explore Hong Kong. The working style in Hong Kong is very different from the U.S. working style, and I was able to familiarize myself more with it over the summer. In my experience, my work was not what I expected it to be, but like anything in life, we need to learn to adapt and learn from anything that you may encounter. This experience has helped me to grow and realize many things about my own self which has helped me in my everyday and professional life.

Thank you FEA for this opportunity!