Reflecting, Cooking, and Other Adult Things




Recently I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on the time I’ve already spent abroad and about the month I have left. It’s so strange to think about what stepping off the plane at the Fiumicino airport felt like back in August. I remember how terrifying the airport signs in Italian were. Now I recognize and am so grateful when signs have English translations.



I’ve also been thinking about how difficult it’s been to live on my own in a city apartment. This was my first experience having to cook for myself without a cafeteria with a meal plan in a five-mile radius. I’ve even been cooking full meals. I typically make oatmeal, eggs, or cereal for breakfast. For lunch, I’ve been making a lot of noodles, sandwiches, or potato dishes. And for dinner, I usually make a nice pasta. Recently though, I’ve been making fish. I definitely didn’t expect to eat as many eggs and potatoes as I think I’m actually consuming here. I try to switch my meals up throughout the weeks so they’re sustainable and so that I’m getting all the necessary nutrients but the journey has been difficult. Being responsible for cooking and deciding what I’m going to eat for all three meals is a personal challenge. I’m so glad I’m having this experience now though. I’m learning a lot and I’m sure these are skills I will be using for the rest of my life.

I’ve also learned a lot about other adult things like budgeting, time management, and communication. It has been a trying experience but also really fun at times. I’ve been sure to pride myself when my budget and time management plans work out. To be completely honest, my plans have failed way more than they have worked but I’m getting better at being more aware.

I’m so grateful for the environment my flatmates and I have created in our apartment. It’s welcoming, supportive, and sustainable. In my perspective, I feel like there’s always room to talk about the space that all of us are sharing. In other means of communication, my Italian language class has been really helpful when it comes to communicating in public. It’s pretty easy to navigate the city and interact with locals. I’m realizing that city living may not be my cup of tea. I’m not used to cities large and dense enough for public transit. I also look at my hometown in Colorado with a different perspective. There’s a lot of space in a huge town and I really like it.

I have about a month left here in Rome and I still want to visit the inside of the Colosseum and the Pantheon. It seems like after arriving, I settled down and got so comfortable that I forgot how much of the city I still haven’t explored. I’m not letting myself spend any more weekends inside resting and such. This weekend I’m travelling to the fabled towns of Tuscany, Pisa, Florence, and Trequanda. I’m looking forward to seeing the tower in Pisa and wine tasting in Tuscany.

Until next time,