Recent Trips + Roman (11/3/2016) Japan






After having fun at USJ, but not getting to see all the different areas in the park, I decided to back there this Tuesday.

It’s a little scary, traveling places by yourself, but I’ve been slowly getting used to it. It also means I can do what I want, without having to discuss with other people, ha. And I can buy things and go to different attractions without compromising. I think it’s nice to be able to go with other people, too, though.

In addition, last Saturday, I went and saw a movie by myself. It was interesting, having to buy tickets and watch a movie, all in Japanese. But, I had fun. Another benefit to going alone is that you can do strange things like that and not be judged…. Even if it is kind of lonely.

I’m glad I get to do things alone now, though. For years, because of my amaxophobia, I’ve had difficulty leaving my house (because we live miles away from town) without either going somewhere with someone or being dropped off to go somewhere with someone.

I’ve never been able to just be by myself and travel around like this.

I’m having a lot of fun~

In other news, my younger sister, who is pregnant, is going to go into induced labor the 14th. Less than two weeks away! I can’t wait! Even if I can’t be there in person, I’m excited.