Realization Through Study Abroad


My time here has been nothing but incredible. I learned things about myself that I didn’t know before. I found out that I love mushrooms and peppers afterall, and that I do very well under high pressure situations, but that I struggle with making decisions. Being away from an environment that I was so comfortable in, made me experience a new sense of adaptability that I had to find on my own. I feel so grateful for being able to travel to other countries in Europe as well. Last night my plane landed in London, from Sweden. Spending the weekend in Stockholm, trying new foods, listening to different languages and learning basic words like “please and thank you” in Swedish were all things I never imagined I would be able to experience. My travel abroad experience has changed the way I perceive the world and has made me reimagine my future. I realized that goals can be pushed much further than I thought. I used to think that I would live in the US forever, because moving to another country seemed impossible. But, now that I have seen them I realize that with some effort, it can be possible, I also would like to learn a new language. This has always been an aspiration of mine, but making it a reality has been tough. I purchased a book, and downloaded several apps to take action and begin practicing. When visiting Portugal during spring break, I noticed that Portuguese is very similar to Spanish. I was able to read the menu and understand certain words that I heard. Although I cannot converse in Portuguese, I have a basic basis and it wouldn’t take me too long to learn it. Learning more about myself, and the things I like and don’t through traveling is truly a privilege.