Reality of living in Leeds- Lets talk weather!





Before coming to England, I was always asked “why would you go to such a rainy city?”.

As someone who grew up in New Mexico I felt comfortable in the rain. We have pretty bad monsoon seasons back home and I thought It couldn’t get any worst than what I’ve already experienced before. Well, truth is, they weren’t lying when they said England is the ultimate rain country.. For the last few months Leeds has been covered in rain. Day to day I would walk out of my student dorm to see gloomy dark skies. It really does rain a lot here. Although it may not be the most pleasant at times I have found a new appreciation for it.

Few weeks ago, it was cold enough that the rain turned into snow and let me tell you….. it was so beautiful! The snow glistened the sky and it really was a scene from the movies. Everyone went outside and made snowman and went about their day as planned. People from England do not let the weather stop their daily itineraries and slowly I’ve started to adopt this mindset as well. I am quite resilient against the rain now, with some waterproof clothing I feel unstoppable even on bad weather days.

I haven’t seen the sun in about 2 months but the other day the city was so sunny. With spring approaching quickly the flowers are starting to bloom as well. When the sun was finally out I couldn’t help but smile and stay outside all day. I would go to the park to read or do homework even when the sun was out for one day. Everyone else had the same idea and it seems like the entire city was just outside getting their dose of natural vitamin D. Small things like that really makes you gain a new appreciation to life. It’s refreshing to know that warmer days are heading my way and it builds up my excitement to experience Leeds in the spring.

Small things such as weather can have a huge impact on your day. It makes me realize how grateful I am to be studying in a new country and that I’m really starting to become a Leeds local.