Re-exploring København





Hej FEA,

Lately, I have been extremely busy with school work, volunteering, and other extracurricular activities. To give you an idea- on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I leave the house around 8:30am and return approximately at 9:30pm. Luckily, those are the only two intense days out of the week where I intern in the morning and have a 3 hours Danish language course in the afternoon. This week was actually my first week of Danish language after I took a break for a semester. Boy oh boy! It’s still very difficult. The language requires you to somewhat scratch the back of your throat while pronouncing certain words. For example, rye bread is called rødbrød- a word that I’ve been struggling to pronounce for quite some time now. Danish is a very impressive language, so props to anyone who could speak it fluently!

Other than my usual schedule, I had a lunch date with a friend a few days ago. We went to a Thai restaurant and decided to walk around Copenhagen and photograph some sites. It was a nice and relaxing few hours re-exploring the city center of Copenhagen. It makes me realize that I am not spending enough time and effort appreciating this city. It also makes me realize that I am not ready to leave. It makes me sad to think that I only have 4 months left! Copenhagen is such a charming city regardless of its cold weather and gloomy atmosphere during the winter. I love their colorful buildings, and thought it was funny that Danes do not like wearing colors but their buildings are of the brightest shades (orange, red, yellow, green, pink). I’ll miss their biking culture as well. In the beginning of the year, I remember telling myself that there’s no way I’m biking 25-30 minutes to class everyday of the week. But now, I bike everywhere and rarely use the metro. Now, I have also learned to love rye bread! It’s very dense, grainy, and somewhat hard. I initially thought it tasted odd and was waay too firm to be bread. However, after 6 months- I can’t stop eating them! Biking long distance and eating rødbrød- the two random things I’d never thought I’d do regularly…

Here are some photos I took from my walk around Copenhagen :)

Jeg vil tale med dig næste gang! Hopefully, this is the correct way to say it ;)