Rainy Days






There have been many rainy days this semester. This time of year in Tanzania is the long rain season, a highly anticipated season where the region gets the rain it desperately needs. While the rain is an amazing blessing, and sorely needed in some of the national parks, it can complicate our very outside-focused lifestyle. My cohort and I usually spend most of our day outside, in the field, playing sports, or chilling in our hammocks. However, there are plenty of amazing rainy day activities I would love to take you through to use at home or abroad. My favorite thing to do is to watch movies on the porch with our projector, not only fun but also a great bonding activity. If the rain is light or warm, we can still play sports, but lately it has been really heavy. Because of this rain we have planned fun indoor activities like: putting on a talent show, karaoke, and playing board games. We have also been giving PowerPoint presentations. These are so simple but so fun, we have done: choose your own adventure games, which dog you would be, silly photos, our own version of the hunger games, and more. All you need is some time and an idea to have a really fun rainy day.