Rainy season and Lantu Island





Last weekend I visited Lantu Island. I was only able to visit a few parts of the island, because the day went by too fast. In order to visit the island we used a cable car. This was my first time in a cable car and it was amazing! The view was really nice. You were able to see the nature and the different tones of green of the mountains. I was able to see the Hong Kong International Airport in the cable car, and when approaching the city the big Buddha statue in the distance. It is definitely a tourist destination.

If you want to see the little museum that is inside the Buddha statue, I believe we paid around $45 HKD (around $5-6 USD). The lady at the entrance told my friend that the entry fee includes a snack. After we finished we went to pick up our snack. When visualizing the snack, we thought of a bun or something like that, but no. The snack was almost a full meal. They gave us noddles, warm sweet tofu and a dessert selection to choose from. Everything tasted nice and was inexpensive. After our “snack” we walked around and took some pictures outside. After our little adventure exploring the place, we reunited with the rest of the group and went to eat more sweet tofu, but this time it was cold sweet tofu. I didn’t feel the time go by and all of a sudden we noticed that we had to go back. I woudl like to go back again and explore a different part of the island. There are many things I couldn’t see.

Unfortunately, since is rainy season I need to keep an eye on the weather. I was unable to go out this weekend, because it has been raining a lot. Over the weekend it was milder, but yesterday (Saturday, July 14) and today, it has been raining heavily.  I almost missed this week’s post because of the rain. The library is four stops away from where I am staying, and to get there in the rain was challenging.