Pura Vida!





It has been an adventure filled, culture indulged month that I will never forget. Sadly, like all good things, it has to come to an end. Though I am leaving Costa Rica, its lasting impact will never leave my heart. Having an opportunity to go somewhere far beyond my comfort zone and being able to grow mentally from it is more that I could have hoped for.

Costa Rica gave me many gifts that I will carry with me for a lifetime. I enjoyed its fulfilling cuisine and the love put into every bite. My Mama Tica (host-mom) would put so much love into every dish she made weather it was gallopinto for breakfast or pasta for dinner. Her warm spirit was present in every thing she did. My Spanish speaking and understanding has reached an all time peak with the help of my professor, host family, and the many restaurants I ordered from. With the help of others, my Spanish speaking will exceed my wildest dreams.

This week has been filled with some of the most difficult goodbyes I have ever faced. I have had to say goodbye to Veritas, a university that has become my own; my host home, that was filled with memories of love and laughter; and the small country that I have grown to love. Many tears have been shed; only representing the love I have for those who supported and encouraged me throughout my time studying abroad. Every effort is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Now that I depart, I can say I have fulfilled most of my obligations as a student abroad. I’ve taken complete advantage of all of the opportunities presented, indulged in the culture, and made many memories in the process. The only job I have left is to inform my peers of the many opportunities they have to study abroad and encourage them to take advantage of these experience by sharing my experience.

Pura Vida Costa Rica!