This past weekend was one for the books! I finally got to experience the coolest beer festival in the world- Oktoberfest. This past weekend I traveled to Munich, Germany with a few friends to indulge in the finest beer and experience a German tradition.

Not only this, but I actually traveled there by car! I drove from Milan to Munich in a Fiat 500 and it felt so good to be able to drive a car again!

I got to drive through Switzerland and Austria to get to Germany and they are such stunning countries.

The scenery in Switzerland is so green and pretty. The friends that I went with are also from California, so this was something new for all of us. One of the friends I went with is actually studying abroad in Stuttgart, Germany so she knew a German friend that let us stay with him in Munich. This was really amazing because we got to hang out with him and his German friends during Oktoberfest and really immerse ourselves in the festival and activities that were happening.

Not going to lie, I usually never drink beer because I’m not a fan of it and it makes me feel bloated, but the beer in Germany was amazing and I actually enjoyed it. Inside the festival, there was typical German music playing and choreographed traditional dance routines done by Germans- it was really fun to watch.

In addition to Oktoberfest, I had the opportunity to explore Munich a bit since I was there for 3 days. I visited this amazing castle called Neuschwanstein and it was simply breathtaking. My friends and I drove to the castle and it was about 2 hours away from Munich but it was worth it. The castle was about a 30 minute hike uphill, so I definitely got my workout in for the day. The scenery on the countryside of Germany is marvelous, and we got to take some great photos.

In addition to exploring the castle, I also went to the main city center of Munich and walked around the main plaza as well as the shops. It was super beautiful and the buildings/architecture are amazing. So far, Munich has been the city that serves food closest to American food! I missed eating meat so much! I am tired of eating carbs in Italy, so it was a nice change to eat delicious meat and something close to home.

The most exciting part of this trip was the fact that I got to drive on the autobahn in Germany, which is a freeway that has no speed limit. I got to drive over 180 km/h and it was so much fun! Everyone drives so fast and you have to move over if you can’t keep up with them- it’s crazy but awesome. Danke Deutschland!