luv 4 rent, smino

when coming to oxford I was initially interested in this question of effective political communication, mass movement building, and manufacturing a pedagogical analysis that would be used to invoke a wave of coordinated mass local efforts towards direct political progress.

I called the pedagogy the “triangle of thought.” the three tenets would serve as a foundational point of analysis that combined academy intellect with embodied knowledge vis-a-vis lived experience and historical haunting/conjuring of others. however, I didn’t expect to find that the pedagogy exists in an a priori universe. I also did not expect my critique of the university and its approach to be beyond the production of mandarins within the bourgeois. more specifically, I did not immediately notice the scenes of debilitating liberalism preventing forward political progression through drama and self grandioseness outside of this space. I thought it was just a symptom of the university. in fact, I thought home was an escape—a sense of realness. but I found these same structures that prevented the protest from becoming a movement on hamiltons campus were the same ineptitudes that led to the isolation and separation of familial ties. in other words, although through different technologies/methods, the lack of progression within my family dynamic, the suffocating of progressive potential within the university, and the slow moving progress of local education politics in Miami were all systemic of the same issue.

what lied at the crux of the pedagogies foundational universe was a question of livability. a series of emerging and very familiar questions of care, grace, and the disease of isolation that has no class limit. we were all the victims, and we were all the participants in our own demise whether or not by choice.