Prepping for Finals – 2 Weeks Away





I can’t believe final exams are in two weeks. It is crazy how fast the semester has gone by. I just finished my final group project for my Exploring Leadership class. We did overall pretty well. I got nervous and talked too long, but lucky for me, my group had my back. I dislike speaking in front of the class, so I tend not to do so well. He showed us our grade at the end of the period, and we did very well. So kudos to my teammates.

So here is the breakdown for my finals: Exploring Leadership: 1 written final, Psychoanalysis: 1 written final, and North and South Korean Politics: 1 presentation and paper. Now it is time to work on a big presentation for North and South Korean Politics. This is our final presentation for the class. The presentation plus a written paper about our topic of choice is our final for this class. Luckily for me and my partner, we have already made the presentation, we just need to work on the paper.

My next blog post will be about my trip to the GOAL Office in South Korea. They are the organization that helped me with my Visa and also is helping me locate my birth parents!