This is the day that I will finally depart for Thailand. I am not as nervous as I was during the last two weeks preparing for the trip but I can’t say I am excited either. I don’t really know anything about Thailand, Thai culture or the Thai language. I guess I will learn it when I get there. At least I am going with no expectations. This will be an interesting semester to say the least.

I am heading to Chiang Mai Thailand to learn about sustainable development at the International Sustainable Development Studies Institute. I will be taking three field based courses and backpacking all over Northern Thailand. I have absolutely no experience with backpacking or any other outdoor activities so this will all be new and exciting for me.

For anyone wondering why I chose this program or if I picked it out of a hat, I am an Asian Studies Major. I studied in China last semester and knew I wanted to travel as much as possible before I graduated so I have chosen to study abroad again. This program looked really interesting to me because of the environmental things we will be studying as well as because my university has little if any courses offered that talk about Thai culture. I guess at the time of applying I was thinking I wanted to learn about some place new for me.

Anyways, off to the airport.