Pre-Departure Video: Russia Here I Come!


I am sitting here at my desk in Montana unable to quite comprehend how in just one day I’ll be sitting at a desk 4,818 miles away in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This is going to be a journey of a lot of firsts: first time living in a city, first time ever going to Russia, first time writing a public blog…and I embrace the challenges and excitement with open arms!

Peeking out of the top of my backpack is a growing list of all the things I want to do and places I want to go from learning to how to make blini to buying a balalaika at a flea market to seeing the Northern Lights in Murmansk.

I am so looking forward to sharing all of my experiences with all of you and will be updating this blog weekly!

Until next time,


Cool Fact: Before embarking on a journey, there is an old Russian tradition where everyone sits down for a few moments of silence. This old superstition was meant to trick domestic spirits into staying at home and not follow someone on their journey, bringing bad luck—especially if you forget something important and have to go back to get it. In modern times, this sit-down serves as a quiet moment of meditation. It’s a moment to pause in the midst of wondering if you really should pack that extra sweater or if you’ll actually have time to make that tight connection in Minneapolis and just empty your brain of negative thoughts and focus on the journey ahead.