I have traveled to many places before but I have never had to pack for a 5-month trip. Packing was so difficult because I had a million questions. How cold will it really be? If I just take sweaters will I turn into a snowman? Can I really use Dr. Marten Boots as rain boots? I am still in disbelief. Will I really be moving to a completely different continent. I can’t believe that I will be living in Maastricht, the Netherlands for 5 months!

The most difficult part of this trip has been making our way from London to Maastricht. We took a plane from London to Amsterdam and the ride was like shorter than an hour. However, next we had to take a train from Amsterdam to Maastricht and it was terrible. For starters, I brought one huge suitcase and a big duffle bag and my backpack and a small purse. How was I suppose to carry all of this with only two hands?! Not only was I suppose to carry it around but carry it up and stairs and into the train. Thankfully, there were some nice individuals who saw me struggling and offered to help. I am now settled in my single dorm and I am so grateful to not have to carry my luggage around.

I was so excited but so scared to go. I have never been away from home for this long and I have never traveled to another country without my boyfriend either. But yet, I am full of excitement because I will experience this alone and it will force me to truly be independent. I will be able to enjoy this alone.

I am looking forward to sharing all of my experiences with all of you and I hope to continue updating you all weekly! Tune in to find out if I freeze into a snowman or not!
See you later,