Pre-Departure Video: Gwangju, South Korea (Summer 2019)





Hello! 안녕하세요 – Annyeonghaseyo

Welcome everyone to the journal for my trip to Gwangju, South Korea. The video below is a brief introduction about myself and what I am doing. I am very happy to have everyone join me on my learning abroad journey!

In addition to what I shared in the video, I would like to tell more about the story that led me to this trip ^.^

When I first knew about learning abroad, I have never thought that there would be a chance to study in another country on my own, because my financial condition could not afford to pursue the program. One day, my friend asked me to go to the Learning Abroad Spring Fair with her just to observe and know what is it about. At the event, I realized the USAC offered an International Business course, which I need to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration program, in South Korea – my dream destination. Also, I have talked to many program providers and after being informed about the scholarships and other financial support, I understood that studying abroad is not an impossible dream. I was so passionate and excited when thinking about what I can do abroad. I determined to everything I could to be able to join this trip.  

So, I have made a detailed plan on how to achieve my goal of studying abroad. To make this trip possible, I decided to split the fees into two financial terms: saving account and scholarships. I am planning to use the money in my saving account to accommodate for the personal expenses while studying abroad. In addition, the scholarship will be the main financial source to support me on this trip. I am planning to use the scholarship for program fees and airfare. Since then, I devoted my time and effort to work on the application and the essays for the scholarships.

And now, here I am! :))

Through this story, I would like to say that I am very thankful for this opportunity. It is the great honor for me to be able to receive this scholarship and I will try my best to make sure the scholarship is worth the use. 

That’s the story I want to tell you today so you can understand more about me and my passion. I will see you again in South Korea with more interesting and valuable updates ^.^

Thank you! 감사합니다 – Kamsahamnida