Pre-Departure Introduction/Blog





Compilation of Thank You videos from 2013-2014 Scholars.

Hello everyone! I am very excited to start blogging about my experiences abroad! First off,  I would like to introduce myself for those of you who do not know me. My name is Alejandro Romero, but I go by Alex or Alexander. I guess I can be classified somewhat as a polyglot because I can speak English, Spanish, Japanese, some Russian, and a little bit of Mandarin Chinese. My interest include Languages, Travel, Study abroad, World Cultures, History, Linguistics, and International Affairs. I have been to Japan trough an exchange program, and it was there where I truly learned to view the world in a new way and gained a deep interest for world cultures and lifestyles. My Current Dreams are to be able to Study abroad in at least two more countries after Russia, and hopefully learn a lot about the language and culture.

And now for the real reason you are all here….to read about my experiences in.. Russia!!  It is only a few days before I leave to Moscow (The Capitol of Russia). Russia (for those of you who don’t know) or the Russian Federation is located in both Europe and Asia…Eurasia if you will. It is the largest country in the world and has a unique Slavic culture. And is no longer a communistic country.. -.- …in fact it is somewhat of a Republic, Federal Republic to be exact. Unfortunately many still view Russia as a dark and gloomy place, but I know that Russia has a lot to offer.

In Russia I hope to learn a lot about the rich culture and history, as well as the Russian language. This is why I choose to study abroad in Russia, I know for a fact I will learn to view the world in a new perspective, as I did in Japan.  Growing up in Hallandale (Which statistically holds the most Russian speaking natives in Florida) I have made a lot of Russian friends, who have furthered my interest in Russia. Although I am very excited, there unfortunately isn’t much to talk about yet. I am still packing and making final preparations, but as soon as I get settled in Moscow, I shall return to you with another (Great *puts thumbs up and smiles*) blog, and I hope that you “My Readers” will continue to follow me on this fantastic journey which will be filled with surprises! =)