Pre-Departure Introduction + Thoughts!


Hello reader! My name is Blessing Kasongoma. I am a senior at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and will be studying at the American College of Greece in Athens! I double major in International Business and Marketing, with a minor in Management Information Systems. At the university in Greece, I will be taking business classes and a Roman & Greek history course! I’m very excited about this particular one because I will be on the site. I was motivated to study abroad in Greece because I firstly find the place lovely. Secondly, the university in Athens was very accommodating and compatible with my courses, and finally, I’ve always wanted to study abroad since high school. I love learning about different cultures, languages, and ways of living. I’m currently learning Korean and Spanish, and cannot wait to add Greek on the list! I believe that being in the country will help me a lot. I’ve always been a lover of cultures and the world being intercultural, so I’m overall excited for this experience! This explains why I chose international studies as one of my majors, for I hope to have an intercultural career in the future. Below are two pictures from Nassau, Bahamas. I visited the capital two weeks ago. I tried their local coconut, and one signature Bahamian dish which consisted of jerk chicken, rice and peas, and fried plantain. Food is a way people connect, especially in cultures. I’m excited to to try Greek dishes as well! Be on the lookout for some of my foodie stories, my learning takeways, and more during my experience in Greece through the FEA website. Nice to meet you all, ciao!