Pre departure Blog





Hi. My name is Kayah Young and I will be studying abroad in Spain this summer. I’m from Atlanta but I grew up in multiple places in Georgia. I currently attend Columbus State University where I’m majoring in Foreign Language and Literature. I’m an only girl with three brothers, and my family is Carribean (St.Lucia, Barbados, and Trinidad). Some interesting things about me: I love playing piano, doing yoga and just doing any activity that brings me peace. I’m someone who places a huge importance on stillness, calmness, and bliss, and that’s one of the reasons why I want to visit Spain because it has so many beautiful landmarks and parks that I know will be tranquil. I’m really looking forward to trying new foods and witnessing different cultures. Getting ready for this trip has been somewhat difficult because I’m graduating in the next week so it’s been a lot going on, but I’ve slowly been getting things together. I am studying abroad with a friend from school so I think that’s going to make my transition easier, but all in all, I’m really excited to embark on this new adventure. The image that I included is where I currently reside, Columbus GA.