Pre Departure Blog





Hello my name is Maria Laura Alcaraz Vargas, my pronouns are: she/her/ella. I am an Anthropology major student, at California Polytechnic University, Pomona. I am currently in my Senior year and I am studying abroad the academic year of 2021-2022 at University of Tubingen in Germany.

This Spring Semester will be my second semester abroad, reason why I have already started to write a journal with certain topics related to cultural differences between German and US American culture, etc. which I will be blogging in here in hopes to present a different perspective of what is shown in Media about German culture and people. Mostly what I want to achieve with this blog is to help those that still hold some misconception about German culture but want to study here some clarity of what is actually like, to live and study in Germany.

While I do understand that every person based on their heritage and cultural background can interpret a situation in different ways, and which is valid as well, I will try to bring a different approach and I sincerely hope is useful for those who read it.