Pre-Departure Blog



I am Leo, and I am a student at Macalester college double majoring in Sociology and Latin American Studies. Due to my areas of interest I have decided to spend a semester in Ecuador.

My intended curriculum for study away is offered though the “Pachaysana Rehearsing Change” program, where international students like me get to live in community and learn with their local counterparts. During the semester, I look forward to collaborating with my host community to collectively identify/address local issues, all while immersing myself in the curriculum’s de-colonial approach to education and collaboration. I am really excited for what my programs has to offer, especially in its initiative of de-colonial education, and ethics around collaboration and reciprocity.

While engaging with my local counterparts, I carry my academic and personal goals with me, prioritizing the creation of bridges and relationships with others. I hope to apply my previous experiences with community engagement while abroad, and continue to build community even when my time abroad is over, creating relationships between the already existing network of Ecuadorian leaders in St. Paul, and in Ecuador.

In short, I anticipate making use of my time abroad, and I invite you all to keep up with me though my future blogs on the FEA website.

But for now, I will cherish my time at home, enjoying the Minnesota summer sunsets while I can!