Rikkyo - COB

It’s only about a week until my journey in Japan begins…

Since I was young I have been interested in Japanese pop culture but did not start taking formal Japanese courses until three years ago. After attending a few career fairs, I noticed that there was a high demand for Japanese speaking accountants in Ohio and decided to incorporate my interest in the Japanese language into my career.

During fall semester 2015, I will attend Rikkyo University in Tokyo through an exchange program coordinated by the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. My goals are to learn about Japanese business practices, to improve my Japanese language skills. I am currently majoring in Japanese and accounting, so the study abroad program at Rikkyo University is perfect for me. I believe that Rikkyo University’s rigorous business coursework and the study abroad experiences will give me a strong foundation for the beginning of my career.

I have considered a lot of things before deciding that study abroad is right for me. I have had some trouble with the housing process as well, but now I am ready to go. I feel kind of nervous but also very excited. I want to make lot of friends, visit the big Gundam in Odaiba, and eat matcha ice cream. I can’t wait to start my journey in Tokyo…

(The photo above is taken from Rikkyo COB’s website. I will start taking my own photos when I am there :))

Phuong Tran