It is such a sad experience for my study abroad trip to be over. On the last few days of classes, many of my classmates decided to go out and have brunches or dinners together before everyone leaves. I am so glad I had the opportunity to make friends with people from around the world. We even make future plans to visit each other’s home country. A close friend of mine is from Germany but currently lives in Hong Kong. She offered for me to stay with her to visit Hong Kong since she convinced me to go. I appreciate each and every one of the friendships I made overseas and visit some old friends who currently lives in the UK.

Coming back to the States is tough. Adjusting to jet lag is difficult and I start back university very soon. However, I should be able to adjust to the time zone soon enough so that I can finish off my last semester strong. Pro tip with traveling: put apple airtags inside your suitcase. There is an increase of travelers around this time of the year and many people are losing their luggage. At the Heathrow Airport in the UK, there are piles of unclaimed luggage at baggage claims. I strongly suggest investing in airtags, so you can track your luggage yourself. One the plane, I finished off a summer book by Viola Davis called “Finding Me”. An amazing and inspiration book from here.

Overall, my trip was a 10/10. Even though there were 2 heatwaves in the UK, the weather was overall much cooler than in the US, and that is what I loved. On my last night, I visited the London Bridge/Tower Bridge/ The Shard one last time. This is my favorite location to visit at nights and relax. Also, it was not too far from my apartment in East London, so traveling there frequently was never a hassle. Thank you to this organization for the scholarship that helped made my study abroad experience possible!