Pomp and Fiestas on Independence Day Queretaro, Mexico, 2018.




Pomp and Fiestas on Independence Day Queretaro, Mexico, 2018.

Week 3-Study abroad Program

This week was great. After learning a lot about the history of Mexico through our Spanish lesson classes, it was time to witness the celebrations. It was also a time to learn about the holidays culture in this great nation. I was honored to be invited to a family dinner by my host family, and the experience I got is unforgettable. As you may already know how Mexican culture value family above all. It was nice to be among all members of the extended family from small children to grandparents. The love and respect among them were incredible. The family reunion took place on the eve of Independence Day celebrations on Saturday.

I woke up on Sunday morning and decided to go downtown for coffee. What met me was a great shock. The whole of downtown Queretaro was like a ghost town. All the roads leading to it were all blocked, and all the businesses were closed. The whole town was turned into a pedestrian city and everybody was headed in one direction to the main square known as Plaza de Armas. I decided to head in the same direction.

The patriotism among the Mexican could be felt all over in the air. One of the greatest marches and display of nationalism that I have never witnessed anywhere else. There were chants of Viva Mexico, Viva Hidalgo, Viva Allende etc. They honor their independence heroes with emotions and dedication that almost brought tears to my eyes. It was a great experience.

Another thing that surprised me is citizens are knowledgeable of their past history. You can ask a small Mexican child about their struggle for independence, and they will tell you almost everything that is important about it. The students, the future of the nation have free access to museums and all preserved areas of important history. It is also important to note that they do not only honor their national heroes, but the city of Queretaro where I reside also celebrate their local heroes. People who contributed to the development of important sectors of their society like education, art, freedom, and labor sector. They have a special museum where there statues and information about them are displayed. There special parks dedicated to them, and statues are every where you go commemorating those who pioneered or did something remarkable to change the lives of their fellow citizens. I have learned a lot from this rich history that is in display all over the place.

Thank you Fund for Education Abroad for being part of my study abroad success.

Enjoy the parade video: