Pharmacies/Health Care in Greece





Before I left Greece I visited a pharmacy down the street from my apartment for a flu shot and it was a very easy process. I just walked in, told the nice pharmacist I wanted the flu shot, she pulled out a box and asked if I wanted them to administer it or just take it with me. I had them administer it because I’ve never given myself a shot before and I did not want to start then. It took all of three minutes for the entire thing to do down. When I left, I realized how much of a hassle it can be in the states to get vaccines and medicine. I personally have to call my doctor’s office, make an appointment, and wait at least 2-3 days before the next available appointment. What I like about the pharmacy system in Greece is that it is quick, painless, and available outside of normal business/office hours, so people do not have to take off of work to get the care that they need. It is going to be a pain when I go back to the states and have to go to the doctor’s every time I need medical care.

For class we had to interview a Greek citizen about their opinion on the Greek health care system. My interviewee really did not have much to say about the healthcare system in Greece. However, I was able to relate a lot of what he said back to the system in the United States, whether it be the same or opposite. The only negative thing he said was that it is too expensive and that there needs to be more hospitals and more access to medication. I found this interesting because I have easily been able to access all the medication I have needed from the local pharmacies, I think I prefer the way they use pharmacies over how pharmacies are set up in the United States. He described how poor their hospitals are, it made going to a hospital in the United States seem like a spa day. He also stated that because he is well off, he does not have to think about the problems with healthcare as much as others in this economy. He pays a lot, but it is something he can afford so he can’t complain too much. Since I am interested in a career in medicine, it was interesting to learn about a foreign health care system from a foreign citizen.