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Night bus to Paris

Well, we went to Paris, France. It was exciting! We took a night bus, which was miserable. I couldn’t get any sleep while I was crammed into the uncomfortable bus seat. We arrived in Paris after 8 1/2 bumpy hours. It was 8am when we got there, and it seemed like everything was still closed. So we wandered around aimlessly waiting for a restaurant to open up. One thing I learned is that food in Paris is really expensive!  It costs almost 15 Euros for a simple breakfast.

Paris is an interesting place. There are so many characters around; portrait artists, street performers, and all around goofy people. I do not speak French. Because of this, it was really hard to get around certain parts of the city. The rumors you hear about Paris are pretty much true. The amount of people that speak English is relatively low, and of those English speakers, some of them are reluctant to speak English to you on the street. I am not sure why. I was able, however, to figure it out with the very little French I picked up. I was speaking lots of “Franglish.”

We stayed in an Airbnb. It was at the top of a seven story building that unfortunately did not have stairs. That’s right. We had to carry our luggage up seven stories.

It wasn’t all bad, though. I got to explore the city, which was amazing. I walked around the historic neighborhood of Montmartre. I explored the Louvre, and saw the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is, by the way, very underwhelming. It is well painted and all, but it is hyped up as if it’s the most impressive piece of art ever created. It has its own wall in the museum! I just wasn’t impressed by it.

I was, however, impressed by the Eiffel tower. we saw it at night and all the lights were brightly lit, and you could see it from a mile away. It was really nice.

Unfortunately, I was only in Paris for a couple of days, so I couldn’t see much more than that. It was a great experience though. I would recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity!