Packing List for Tikal!







Hi friends! I’m off to see the Mayan ruins this weekend! Before everyone starts falling over themselves with jealousy, let me tell you about my travel route:

I’m taking a bus tonight at 10pm that will go from here to Guatemala City, and then from there to Flores bright early Saturday morning! We’ll spend the day in Tikal (the national park that contains the ruins of the ancient city) and then have all of Sunday to explore Flores. Sunday night, we take a bus all the way back to Antigua. I’ll arrive back at 7:00am just in time for breakfast and my Monday morning class!

That being said, I. am. pumped! And so here’s my really quick packing list, you know, in case you ever find yourself going to Tikal:

-comfy clothes (aka leggings) that can double as travel wear and pagamas

-jeans and a t-shirt to wear at the park (apparently there’s a lot of brush and maybe snakes??)

-one nice outfit to hang out in the city

-bug spray. a lot of it.



-phone and charger

-my journal

(Hint: I am packing liiiiight here)

I’m incredibly excited to go see the ruins and will have tons of pictures for you when I get back, but for now, I’m going to supply you with pictures from beautiful Antigua to hold you over!