Packing 101: How to Survive in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia




What To Bring While Abroad in Asia:

-Camera to take cute selfies and document everything

-Laptop, tablet and/or cellphone to stay connected with your homies. An unlocked phone is preferable as you can pop SIM cards in and out as you go. SIM cards are cheap and available at little or no cost in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

-Chargers!!!!!!! Without them you can’t have items one and two.

-Umbrella, the collapsible kind, so you don’t get poured and stay cool when you’re over tanning.

-Bring confy clothes for the plane ride, wet wipes and some things to keep you busy! (I don’t think you realize how long the flight will be)

-Old t-shirts or clothes that you may want to leave behind as you acquire new ones so that you are not overloaded with baggage.

-Walking shoes, sneakers, flip-flops or sandals. No dress shoes necessary here.

-Cute pairs of sunnies and big floppy hats to keep the sun out of your face.

-Swimsuit for tanning purposes and random dips in pools.

-Sunblock to avoid sunburns and looking like a shedding snake. 

-Mosquito repellent if mosquitoes bug you (I’m pretty sure they bug everyone)!!!

-Cash, debit or credit cards! Make sure to advice your band and credit card providers that you are traveling so that they don’t block your account and you have access to your cheddar 24/7! Money exchanges should be done in the countries you are visiting and not in any airport or in the U.S. ATMs can be found every where but keep in mind bank fees in those countries and bank fees in the U.S., which can add up fairly quickly. 

**How much money you bring is up to you and your spending habits but for the necessities (food and drink) for an entire month about $1000-$1500 is fine unless you plan to shop ’til you drop then I’d advice a pot of gold! You can have this amount in your bank account and use debit cards or carry cash (what I suggest). Remember that most credits cards also charge a 3% Foreign Transaction Fee!**

-A small lock. Safes are found in most hotel rooms to secure your belongings and valuables but with a lock you can ensure that all your goodies are safe in your suitcase when there is no safe.

-Shorts!!!! It will be hot. 

-Some long pants. In some Asian countries, they are quite modest and knees and shoulders must be covered in order to enter temples. 

-A sarong could be useful when visiting temples and palaces in Bangkok so that you can wrap yourself up and look fashionable and conservative all at the same time.

-A collapsible bag, one to stuff all the cute things you’ll buy abroad.

-Any prescription medicine you need. Make sure to bring the prescription!

-No need for antibiotics, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, etc. These are readily available EVERYWHERE. There is literally a 7/11 on every corner in Bangkok!

-The rest of packing is up to you in terms of clothing but pack light! I only packed for two weeks (and I’ll be here 35 days) but laundry services are readily available outside of the hotels. 

**No formal clothing is needed. Khakis and jeans are allowed everywhere and during the summer, it’s just as hot as Miami but a lot more humid if you can believe that! So pack accordingly**

-If you forget anything, there’s a market for that!

*****Most of all, bring a positive attitude (to get you through the heat and long flights) and an empty stomach; you’ll want to taste everything! And don’t forget your passport (have copies of it as well, just in case)!*****