Overall Experience In Tanzania



 The study abroad program was an informative and astonishing learning experience. I find myself within the program. At first, I was not confident whether being a doctor was something I wanted to pursue. I enjoyed the science classes associated with becoming a doctor, but I was uncertain about the clinical work.

This trip has confirmed that I am in the right profession. I have gained so much knowledge academically and socially while working at Sinza Hospital in Tanzania. I have learned more in the clinical area that will help further my education. Overall,  I have learned to be more open-minded, humble, and generous. These aspects and traits will become apart of my daily life. 


Visiting the orphanages was one of the best parts of the trip. I enjoyed playing and interacting with the children. Many of the children were excited to see the students. I know I made a difference in one child’s life by spending quality time. Giving money is sufficient as well, but it does not leave the same effect as spending time with the child.

The joy in their eyes made my day.  The children who enjoyed dancing interact with me more because I LOVE TO DANCE. I am thankful that places such as Back Home House, are created because many of the children would be homeless. The orphanages create a family-oriented environment for the children. They can grow and develop essential life skills to succeed regardless of their situation.

Many of the workers are not paid and help these children through the kindness of their heart. If there were not multiple volunteers helping, the orphanages would not run as smoothly. I want to develop the same type of compassion to become a better doctor. I want to be a genuine doctor and not become a money-oriented doctor. Excluding the government established orphanages, outside donors help fund orphanages.

Returning Home

When I return to the United States, I want to volunteer at orphanages within my community. I will speak to other organizations to help with the funding of orphanages in Tanzania. This practicum will be an unforgettable experience. I am considering returning to help various hospitals once I complete medical school. I want to help more third-world communities to better the quality of life.