Otaru, Hokkaido





Hokkaido is the most northern segment of Japan. In the winter, snowfall collects in a fine textured powder form due to the cold temperature and low humidity. It is this powdery snow that allows for tourists to enjoy a great ski experience.

As Hokkaido is a grand province, there are many activities to available to tourists:

(1) Ski & Snowboarding: There are a variety of slopes and courses available for beginners to advanced skiers and snowboarders.

(2) Pond smelt fishing. During the coldest months of January to March, visitors can fish through a hole made in the frozen lake.

(3) Sapporo Snow Festival. Problaby the most famous of all snow activities. The most famous Japanese structures are carved into ice sculptures for viewing during early to mid-February.

(4) Walking on Drift Ice. From late January to mid March, the Sea of Okhotsk is hardened for walking.

(5) Enjoying the unique sightseeing.

Because the aformentioned activities were not available during the time we visited Hokkaido, we instead went to a small village that is open all year roud: Otaru. This small village is by far the most beautiful winter scenery I have ever seen!  although the morning was snowing, the crystal grey clouds cleared to a bright afternoon with bluesiest and fluffy white clouds.

Otaru is one of the most delicate fairy-tale cities I have ever seen with it’s dedicated III n yo music box shops, chocolate and deserts. walking to the canal port to take a few scenery shots, I felt like walking through a snow globe.

Window display of a sashimi and sushi restaurant down the street of Otaru