Opportunities, and Hikone Castle






I haven’t really been going out to do things recently – there’s been a lot of schoolwork for me to keep busy with.  I also started freelancing as an editor and voice provider for an English textbook!  I got the opportunity through a friend, and now I have the chance to help other people learn English – just like I’m learning Japanese.  It’s also great to speak to all the other people who are working on the textbook – they have a lot of life experience, and it’s great to practice my Japanese!

Through my busy days, though, I did find time to go to Hikone castle on the weekend!  It’s super far away, and I couldn’t stay overnight, so I didn’t have a lot of time there, but I did get to see the castle!

Hikone Castle!

The castle was a lot smaller than I expected – hardly larger than a normal house, on the inside!  But the architecture was amazing.  There was also a garden nearby, which had a great view of the castle from a distance.

On the horizon

Like I said, I didn’t have a lot of time for looking around Hikone, but what I saw was amazing!  I’d love to go back someday, when I have more time to explore.  Until then, I’ll be happily taking advantage of the opportunities already presenting themselves to me!