Rome: An Open Museum





A Day in Rome

The best thing about Europe is that everything is in close proximity, including countries. I figured with my time abroad I might as well see other European countries. My friends and I decided to plan a day trip to Rome. At the time, a day in Rome seemed like it was a good idea but we did not take into account the amount of walking we had to do. Regardless of the amount of walking we had to do, it was an amazing day. Our plan was to see the major landmarks and explore the city. We did not realize that Rome is an open museum, everywhere you go, it was a glimpse into past.

Vatican City

We started our day at the Vatican. When we first walked in, there was art work everywhere. With all the art that surrounded me, the first thing that caught my eye was the Sphere Within Sphere statue. The piece is meant to show the complexity and fragility of the world. While I was admiring it, it made me realize how simple and fragile the world was and how within all that, there was so much complexity within it.

The Sphere Within Sphere Statue in the Vatican.

Afterwards, we wandered around the Vatican and admired most of the artwork and artifacts. The problem with the Vatican is that you don’t know where to turn your head. There was art everywhere: the ceilings, the floors, and the walls. At times, it was overwhelming for me because I wanted to see it all. I did not realize how much time really passed but my stomach let me know it was time to leave.

The ceilings in the Vatican Museum.

Across the street of the Vatican was a family owned restaurant and it had all the typical Italian food. It atmosphere was very welcoming.  Before coming on the trip, I knew I had try some pasta in Rome and at is exactly what I ordered. Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Other Landmarks

Next on the list was the Sistine Chapel. There my friends and I did not go inside but the courtyard was beautiful on its own. There was so much to admire and it was nice to see so many others doing the same. I feel that at times, people forget to stop and admire the world around them.

The Sistine Chapel.

We wandered off to The Pantheon, which was turned into a church and we saw so many people praying inside. There was something unique about the church: there was an opening at the dome. This allows rain and sun to enter the church. The way the sun came through the church was all so surreal.

The hole in the dome allows sunlight to enter the church.

No trip is complete without stopping that the Trevi Fountain. As the tradition goes, if you throw one coin in it ensures that you will come back to Rome, two coins ensures love, and three coins ensures marriage. I threw in a coin and hoped to come back very soon.

The famous Trevi Fountain.

On our way to the Colosseum, there were so many beautiful buildings and the streets were so beautiful and inviting. The Colosseum was massive and I was amazed that such a thing was built in the past. I will never understand how people could build such things without having the modern day machinery.

This is where gladiator battles took place in.

Dinner and Gelato

After all the walking we did, we decided to have a fancy dinner. I ordered bruschetta with some truffle. I will never eat truffle again but I can say I tried it in Rome. Around this time, the sun was setting and it was as if they city came alive. We started heading back to out hotel and I wanted to take in as much of Rome as I can.

Almost every street of Rome had a geleto place and before I left Rome, I knew I had to had have some. I can honestly say that if anyone were to go to Rome, they need to stop by in Venchi and try their chocolate gelato. It was probably the best part of the whole trip. Almost everyone has heard of the saying that “Rome was not built in a day” but I can for sure say it can be toured in a day and I hope to go back soon and see it all again.

Italian Gelato Top: Chocolate Middle : Raspberry Bottom: Mango.