One week left






Not much has really happened since my last blog post. Our projects are due on Monday, so I have spent lots of time finishing up my project and getting ready to present. Our project was to create a visual identity for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and I decided to create an identity that was simple, easy on the eyes, yet embodied the feelings of jazz. We were asked to create a mark (logo), poster, ticket, tote bag, t-shirt, social media like Instagram, and one extra element (I did a banner). Here is part of my presentation that has all of my final deliverables on it. 

Part of my concept uses old jazz slang, phrases, and jazz quotes to make the identity quirky and fun. This was inspired by a European hotel that uses honesty in a humorist way to advertise and entice people to stay with them. I enjoyed creating all the visual materials and definitely pushed myself more by continuing to explore and tweak it to make it better instead of settling for something less than what I thought was “perfect.”

Sometimes I was really tired and just wanted it to be done, but that’s when I reminded myself of why I was here and what I wanted to accomplish. I struggled the most with creating a cohesive and effective social media visual brand. It was easy to create the visuals, but the thoughts behind why post it, what will it promote, how will people engage/react to it was also hard to consider. With technology so prevalent in our lives now, social media is an important part of a company’s brand.

This last week in Copenhagen I won’t have much work for my course since most everything is due Monday. I plan on continuing to explore Copenhagen and I will most likely treat myself more than I really should… I also want to try to spend as much time with the friends I have made here. It has been fun getting to know them and I know I will miss seeing them.