One More Kilometer


Week 2 is here and my legs couldn’t be any more sore (but in a good way)! From the requirements in my class in Sports Medicine to walking around being a tourist, I don’t think I’ve walked this much in a while. It sounds weak, I know, but as someone who tries to work out 5 out of the 7 days of the week, this is a new type of challenge I have not faced before. In Copenhagen, the professors focus on providing hands-on learning experiences. So a regular day in class would consist of using peers as anatomy models to feel where certain bones and muscles are located. It also means that when we talk about the biomechanics of running, it equals sprints.

This way of learning is extremely interesting and honestly very beneficial. I have taught anatomy for two semesters now, but after physically feeling where certain things are located in my fellow students, I feel like I’ve grasped the concept so much more. It is quite interesting to see how the teaching style is so much different compared to the United States. The teachers here do not focus on time and going through as many topics as possible, rather they wait and encourage thinking and class discussions. I really appreciate this as I feel comfortable with asking questions I normally wouldn’t have the time to ask.

I also have found an appreciation of staying healthy and in shape. Of course, the class I am taking revolves around this topic, but just walking around Copenhagen and seeing their focus on physical health is inspiring. Bikes are more prevalent than cars and a three kilometer walk to the park can be done in everyone’s sleep. I also noticed that the overall mood of everyone is much lighter. When they told me Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, they were not kidding.

My time here in Copenhagen so far has been a physical challenge that comes with many beneficial results. From what I have learned in class to just wandering around the city with friends, I gained knowledge on the simplicity of life. It is all about mindset and companionship. Yeah, the sprints I had to do in class were difficult, but I was doing it alongside of my classmates. I had to remind myself that I was bettering my physical health and that I was gaining so much new-found knowledge.

Even roaming around the city with friends was an experience that reminded me of the joys of being around those that want to explore as much as you do. As long as you remind yourself that you don’t have to do life alone and every moment can be a teaching moment, you’ll get through life with a much happier mindset.