I made a trip to the Hawaii of Japan–Okinawa. It was absolutely gorgeous! My favorite part about the entire trip was the food and getting to scuba dive!

One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting to try new foods. Even though Okinawa is a part of Japan they have some foods that most of Japan does not. Some of the specialty foods that I got to try included: sea grapes, chanpon, Okinawan sweet potato, and many more. My favorite by far was the sea grapes. They burst in your mouth and release a salty taste. When they are mixed with sushi it is absolutely amazing.

Aside from food I got to go on a marine walk and scuba diving tour. I did the marine walk first. They put a big helmet on me and it made me feel like an astronaut. The guides even gave us food to feed the fish. During scuba diving we went inside of a cave, which was scary, but so beautiful. Words can’t even describe how amazing the experience was. I can’t wait to try it again.