All About Oaxaca En Español





English Transcript:

When I arrived in Oaxaca, I had a lot to get accustomed to.

At first it was difficult to walk long distances to school and other places every day.

Walking made the trips more interesting. I liked the street art and all the buildings. The church, Santa Domingo, was the first build that took my breath away. 

The area surrounding Santo Domingo was one of my favorite places. 

However, the best place was the neighborhood Xochimilco. It is my home in Mexico!

In the intercambio in La Salle, I practiced my beginner Spanish with kids who were on the same level of English. 

In the intercambio in Emax I spoke with guys and girls close to my age. We taught each other things from our cultures such as dances. The majority of my learning took place in Universidad Del Mar. We taught our teacher things about black culture as well. 

There was a lot of politics happening in Oaxaca as well. There is a protest in Oaxaca every year concerning teaching conditions and other things like the price of gas. 

There were art exhibits, bars, and clubs, but my favorite thing to do was to go out to eat with my friends. Sometimes theres live music, and sometimes there’s a birthday! 

I could say so much about the excursions but sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. 

He didn’t use an electric wheel or anything!

I got this hotel room for only $20 a night!

The boat trip is an experience that I will never forget. When we were returning, it rained like a monsoon. 

We went to see the Afro-Mexicans and to the beach in Chacahua. The happiness on the island is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

I am most grateful for the people I met on the trip, especially the family I gained in Casa Uno. My friends for life! 

Thanks Oaxaca! See you later.