I will say it once, and I will continuously say it, I appreciate the attention to visuals in this country. Its so extensive and spread throughout almost every aspect that it adds such a nice touch.

Well recently, last Friday, I went to an Epik High concert, they are a Rap/Hip Hop group that has been formed for over 10 years, and when it comes to the Hallyu and the many Korean musicians that emerged into global fame, this group is one that is most well-known.

Below is my own shot from the concert. The lighting was incredible and so well done. I applaud whoever did the visuals.



The theme was all about famous movies and their recreation, and it was hilarious. Here is the concert poster. epik concert

They produce great music, but their newest album called “Shoebox” was just amazing, and even though they didn’t represent that album as much at this concert, they did still play a few songs and it was amazing. As one article described that album it said that it “dives deep into dark subjects like lament, self-torture, the pain of soured relationship while also including classic rap braggadocio.” And that is why they are so respected in my book and many others. It was an amazing concerts and I cannot wait to experience more to come. I have a short list of Korean artist that are a must-see and I hope that I will be able to share those experiences with you here.