Now or Never





After visiting the Almudena Cathedral, a beautiful church here in Madrid, my friend and I went on a casual walk. We later found ourselves on a small gazebo that looked out to the water and the cathedral sitting on the hill top across. It was a marvelous sight.  At this very moment I had found myself almost in tears. And trust me, I know that sounds a bit ridiculous. However, at that very moment I was staring at a beautiful church on a nice sunny day in Madrid. Something I had never imagined possible. I thought to myself “how lucky am I?” 

I write about this moment, because it reminded me how rare of an opportunity being abroad actually is, and how rarely people with my background are able to travel outside of the US. I had realized that being here, in Europe is an opportunity I should not take for granted. Moreover, I should not allow fear from limiting my adventures. I mainly have the fear of traveling alone, but I have decided to travel to Portugal and France on my remaining off-days. It’s now or never to seize the adventures that Europe has to offer me.

Two other of my favorite moments in Madrid so far has also been visiting El Retiro park and visiting the Museum of Reina Sofia. Central Park in NYC was the best park I visited until I had the chance to go to El Retiro park. It is filled with beautiful and natural scenery. Here I even got the chance to ride a boat with a few of my friends in the middle of the park. I also visited the famous museum where I got to see the Guernica in person! I learned about the Guernica earlier this year, so seeing it in person was very exciting. Pictures online does not do Picasso’s artwork justice. Madrid is a city filled with excitement!