Night life





Over the course of my stay in Spain, I have written about traveling, lifestyle adjustments, and day-to-day activities, but I have left out an important element of the Oviedo experience: the night life! Oviedo and its neighboring city, Gijon, are true night-owl cities. Oviedo has, partially thanks to its large student population, a vibrant after-dark scene. The night scene in Oviedo is centrally located in the heart of the historic part of town. While there are bars and cafes at almost every corner throughout Oviedo, and Spain, the most popular spots in town are concentrated on Calle Mon.

Calle Mon is a long, narrow street with winding pathways on either side of it. It is here where there are more than 100 well-traveled spots to relax and have a great time. Many of these spots, like Per Se, feature local artists and play live music. While the music scene and abundance of cool places is similar to that of Philadelphia, the typical “Spanish night out” is like no other that I have seen before. In Oviedo, many people do not leave their houses until midnight. That’s right, midnight! And if you want to go dancing, the dancefloor does not begin to fill with people until at least 3 in the morning. Most clubs, or discos as they say here, open up at the same time that most places close for the night in Philadelphia. This concept came as a shock to me, especially when hearing that the discos stay open until 7 or 8 a.m. during the weekends.

Calle Mon at the peak of night-life on a Saturday. (Credit to my friend, Dylan, for the shot.)

While I can’t say I have experienced the Oviedo nightlife to the extent that most locals do, I have certainly explored some bars and discos at times that are more convenient for this early-riser. One of my favorite places, a name I mentioned earlier, is Per Se. This bar, a two-minute walk from Calle Mon situated on the corner, always has fun music, affordable drinks, a relaxed atmosphere, and even enough space to dance if you are feeling up to it! This is a great place to try a classic drink famous and made in Oviedo, known as sidra.

Me and my friend Nina at Per Se, a popular bar in historic Oviedo.

If you really like to dance, though, Calle Mon will be your best friend. This busy street boasts ten or more discos with ample room to show off your merengue/bachata skills or simply move to the beats of the latest pop music. Deluxe Joker, located in the center of Calle Mon, is by far my favorite place to dance and tends to be one of the only discos that sees a lot of foot traffic long before 3. (Maybe that’s why I like it!?) If you do, however, have the stamina to pass the night away throughout Calle Mon, you will find that the crowd becomes enormous and all the discos fill up.

While the super late-night schedule of Oviedo isn’t necessarily my thing, I do enjoy dancing. I’m happy that there are places in Oviedo like Calle Mon that give me the opportunity to have a fun time in a safe environment. Oviedo has most definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone and shattered my typical routines, for the better, and the night scene here is just one example of that.