New Start: Mumbai!






          It’s only been a few days in Mumbai and I’m in love. This city has so much to offer. I have seen, tasted, and done so many different things that I’m not sure where to begin. There are only four of us in this CIEE program. This is because we are only the fourth batch of students to participate in this new CIEE International Business and Culture program. Each of us are from different parts of the State with completely different backgrounds and personalities, so this will definitely be an interesting semester to say the least.

           Mumbai is a city filled with exotic smells flowing from near by street food carts and abundance of noise made by busy local individuals reflecting the cities prosperous growth in economy. This city also has many contradictions. For every “seven star hotel” there is a slum right next to it. The climate here is warm and humid, yet people here drink multiple cups of burning hot Chai throughout the day. Life here seems to be fluid and unstructured for many.    

            Just last night we visited Colaba, which is located in the southern part of Mumbai. The architecture in Colaba is breathtaking. The British architecture along with the Indian twist makes me feel as if I’m in a timeless place. Taking a stroll down the streets of Colaba I didn’t feel like I was in India. There weren’t any trash on the streets, no beggars, and best of all no distinct smell. The air was cool and the only noise came from the Arabian Sea as waves crashed against the rocks near by.

            I can’t help but smile knowing that my journey has just started. Although it’s only been a couple of days, I can already tell that Mumbai is a place I can see myself in the future. I’m going to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone everyday and avoid stressing about dates and deadlines like I would back in the States. In these next four months I’m going to venture though Mumbai with an open heart and an open mind.