New Mindset


This week marks the beginning of my second course here at UCL: London on Film. The week began on Tuesdayfor me since our head of program had given Session 1+2 students a long weekend. If you checked my previous post, you know I spent the weekend in Amsterdam with a few friends. It was a fabulous break even though I gained a few blisters from walking on the uneven pavement.

The first day of class began with a screening of Kind Hearts and Coronets. I thought the class would be like any of the English courses that I have taken during my undergrad career, but I was wong. The importance of the class was in analyzing the setting and place of the film, not the characters, as most courses do. It does have some of the same investigative routes though, where you note the political and historical climate of when/where the film took place and when/where it was recorded.

It took a few classes until I obtained the skills and way of thinking my professor wanted to cultivate to help us dissect and analyze a space in a scene. It was a bit tough for my biology and chemistry ridden brain, but I think the skills I am cultivating will help me become more resourceful and inquisitive in investigating my surroundings.

So as you know,  I chose the homestay option in contrast to my friends who chose the residence plan. Since I am the only one in the surrounding area, I have been having to make trips about and out of the city by myself. It’s been very challenging because I try to take different streets everytime to see more of the city. It been fun though because I have seen even more amazing street arts and funky shops in the alleys of London and other cities.

My motto in walking about and checking out new places around me is, “do it, and if you’re not supposed to someone will tell you.” So far, I haven’t been shooed away from anywhere so big successes all around. The confidence I been building in navigating the city has certainly had an effect on me, I think. Or well, my host Nomi-mommy seems to think so, and I certainly trust her opinion because she is living an incredible life with her family.

During the week, I had a full itinerary planned consisting of course field trips and my own plans. The first day back we had another pub trivia, which I was surprised my group would pass since we were Londoners by now. Unfortunately, it seems, we’re only 33% Londoner because we only answered about 33% of the questions correctly. Obviously, we need to spend more time in London. Wink wink.

Thursday night was spent at Matilda the Musical at Cambridge Theatre. Oh my goodness, those kids were amazing. The timing and fluidity of the performances knocked my socks off. The singing was amazing on both the adult and children’s parts.

It’s raining here in London and I am without an umbrella. Luckily for me, I am on my way to Stonehenge and Bath for a weekend trip.