New Heaven Marine Conservation





Arriving to the island of Koh Tao, I was welcomed by palm trees, crystal blue sea waters, coral reefs and a mass of toursits. The island was breathe taking, it was exactly how a tropical pardise looks like but with many people. Carpe worked with a organzaition known as New Heavens, which focuses on marine conservation. During our time on the island I learned about sharks, coral reefs and even went snorkeling on the shallow shores and deep waters of Koh Tao to look at thriving and damaged reefs. I also went to go spot some sharks. I didn’t see any but I did see many colorful and tropical fish. Being under the water, it was a whole other world. I can only describe it as a sea garden, it was magical being surrounded by fish, seashells and reefs. Besides snorkeling, every morning we had lecture where we would learn more about the human impact of marine life and fed baby sea turtles. We helped New Heavens build artificial reefs that will be deployed into the waters with the hope of restoring marine life. I absorbed knowledge from working alongside New Heavens and saw underwater beauty that has left me in awe.