Naxos, Greece





Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting the beautiful Greek island of Naxos. This was a recreational visit that we all planned together. It was a peaceful weekend, filled with many gyros, drinks, and sitting on the beach.

I was carried over by a ferry from Athens on Friday night, and I left the island Sunday night. Saturday morning we all had breakfast at one of the many restaurants sitting along the port, and then I wandered off by myself for a while to take in some of the views. I made my way over to a pile of rocks on the shore, where I sat and watched the waves for several minutes. Sometimes it is still surreal to me where I am and how beautiful the country is, I realized it is good to just take some time for myself and take it all in and enjoy the moment. Watching and hearing the waves hit the shore is very therapeutic.

Saturday night, a group of us made our way back to the port area, where the Temple of Apollo stood, and watched the sunset. If you aren’t familiar with Greek Mythology, Apollo is the God of poetry, music, philosophy, and is the divine athlete. His attribution in ancient Greek sculpture is a bow and arrow.

This was my ideal getaway because most of it was spent on the beach, sipping wine. I also knocked out some souvenir shopping. The town was very small and very quiet, there was not much of a nightlife but I was okay with that, I caught up on a lot of sleep much needed sleep.

Enjoy a picture of the sun setting from the Temple of Apollo: