Navigating new things!


Hey everyone and welcome to my first blog post! Just to introduce myself I am Cherish and I am studying Representation in Film, Media and creative writing at Hampshire College and Screenwriting at the University of Chester! I’m a first generation student and the first in my family to study abroad. 

I wanted to talk to everyone today about what it is like to adjust to this culture as a first gen black woman in the United Kingdom. So let’s get started! 

It was at first very hard for me to adapt to this environment because back in the states, I spent most of my time in the cultural center on my campus. I was constantly surrounded by people of color and that’s not the case here. I feel like though I have made many friends, I have few that can relate to my experiences as a black woman here. To battle that obstacle, I have decided to create things that feel like I am at home, cooking my cultural dinners, watching movies and also talking to my friends and family at home. I would recommend that for all who have to deal with similar circumstances. When you don’t feel at home try to bring home to you! I’ve also included my new friends with some of my at home traditions. The movie nights that I would have back at home, I’ve brought it here. I can’t wait to tell you all more about my experiences in my next one! Talk soon!