Mykonos on a Budget!





Hello everyone!

This past week me and some of my friends from Leeds all went to Mykonos for spring break!

We all had so much course work to do and this was our getaway from rainy England. We decided to go to Mykonos despite everyone telling us it was going to be so expensive and wasn’t worth it. I was a bit scared to go but it turned out to be the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. The major thing that helped us save money was eating in. We stayed in a less popular area on the island called Ornos, this is where you need to stay to get the most of your money. In Ornos, there were food markets, bakeries, etc. Overall it was a very small but cute town and everyone was very friendly. We had rented a house with a kitchen so for almost every meal we just cooked and saved so much money. I had bought groceries for the week and my total was 17 euros which is amazing considering how many meals I was able to cook with the groceries. I always started off my morning with eggs and an hour of homework. Our house was so close to the beach it look us less than 5 minutes so we laid out in the sun for most days and got extremely sunburnt. We also had a pool so after the beach we would take a dip to cool off. We went into town 2 of the 4 days we were there and we found out that the buses were really cheap but didn’t have the most convent times as it would only come once an hour. Mykonos in late April is the very beginning of the peak season so the buses stopped running at 4pm. The walk was so beautiful into town and only took about 35 minutes. Although the main part of Mykonos was pricey there are a lot of mom and pop businesses that sold food and drinks for cheap.My favorite is the 5 euro gyros by the bus. We also went to the infamous windmills, little Venice and even saw the port at night.On the last day we splurged and rented atvs to help us get to and from places, I highly recommend getting one of these if you want to see most of the island. You can park the atvs anywhere and you would notice a lot of the locals using it to get around. Overall it was an amazing trip and everyone should visit Greece at least once in their lifetime. The saying that Mykonos isn’t worth visiting is a myth, you can visit and do it cheaply. I didn’t find budgeting that hard, it does take some research but it will be so worth it in the end.