My Weekend Trip to Melaka





Hello! My time in Singapore is quickly coming to an end. As a last trip myself and a few others decided to go to Malacca (the English spelling). It was such a beautiful country and I had an amazing time.  As I come one week closer to returning to America, I made the decision to enjoy all this country has to offer. I’ve took advantage of all the tourist shopping areas specifically the Hawker Center in Chinatown, to engage in last minute souvenir shopping. Surprisingly, I found a lot of  good quality, inexpensive gifts for my friends and family. Souvenir bags were only $2-$3, T-shirts were $10-$15, and keychains were only $1. Although, I have been enjoying my last week here in Singapore it has also been the most stressful. We are required to submit a very detailed report on our research that consists of: a scientific paper, Powerpoint,  Powerpoint presentation, poster,  and a creative 1-minute video. The report itself is not difficult to complete however, it is time-consuming. It also makes matters worse when your laptop suddenly breaks and you are unable to use it anymore (like mine did) Thankfully, I had stored what I had completed on a flash drive so I did not completely lose everything I had worked on up until that point. Well you guys, as I have mentioned next week is my last week in Singapore and I plan to leave Singapore with a BANG! Until next time!

Melaka, Malaysia
Melaka, Malaysia


They are  known for their strong personalities
They are known for their strong personalities