My Visit to Granada





Granada (June 4, 2023)

This is my second week in Spain, and I’m currently in Granada, one of the oldest cities here. This city is where most of the gypsies migrated to when the Spaniards invaded so there’s a lot of history and culture here. Side note, if you’re into the boho-type style, you would love it here! The clothing and jewelry are absolutely amazing; they’re so detailed and the material is awesome. The people in Granada are so nice. I went on a walking tour and saw the Alhambra, and it was absolutely surreal. I felt like I was in nature heaven. There were so many plants, and the trees were gigantic. Everything was so green; it was like walking through the prettiest labyrinth. In addition, the views from many of the building tops were unreal. I would definitely say Granada resembles Italy. When I went on a walking tour with my group, I got to see many houses, stores, and neighborhoods which was pretty cool. At one of the stops, there were these two guys playing guitar while another guy did a traditional dance. It was so different; I had never seen anything like it before. All in all, Granada is really different from Madrid and Toledo. Everything about this city is calm, but so far Toldeo is my favorite.