My Top Priorities Abroad!






While studying abroad thus far, I think my top priorities have been maintaining a strong classroom presence, meeting new friends, and making new memories. While abroad, I have had so many reasons and circumstances thrown in my face that have made something as necessary as going to class difficult. At the beginning of my study abroad experience, I was extremely sick for around two weeks with a mystery illness. I was trying to justify being unable to attend class because I’ve never been so sick, but I still made it! Especially with flights on weekend trips, I had to remind myself that I must always work around my class schedule to avoid missing class instead of trying to save a few extra pounds on flight tickets. I knew that just as I came abroad to travel Europe and make new memories in different countries, not just England, I also came abroad to experience the education system in London. The time I spent in the classroom getting to know my classmates and professors is such a huge part of why studying abroad has been as amazing and valuable as it is. I have enjoyed my time in my Multiculturalism and Identity class and even decided to ask my professor if she would be able to write a letter of recommendation for me for law school, which I am really grateful for.

I have been given the opportunity to meet new friends inside and outside of the classroom. Aside from the classroom, I have met new friends through my Boston College University College London program, my housing accommodations, and the friends of my friends. I have truly been blessed with my housing accommodations, as I am living with four brilliant and genuine individuals from all around the world: Australia, Botswana, China, and Taiwan. All of my flatmates have had such unique and special lived experiences, and I have been so blessed to be able to have conversations with them about the lives we have lived thus far. My closest friends from abroad ended up being from Boston College. We now always talk about how, if it weren’t for studying abroad, we would not have had the opportunity to get to know each other in the way that we have, even though we are from the same college. I really thank my study abroad experience for giving me the quality time I have had with them. And as for the friends of my friends, I always enjoy meeting new people through the individuals my friends also know.

Making new memories is such a general priority of mine, but it has manifested itself in so many diverse ways, such as traveling to other countries, trying out new cuisines and restaurants, conquering fears, and immersing myself in new social situations. For example, to conquer my fears, I hiked up Harder Kulm in Switzerland despite its altitude and also went on the London Eye by myself in London! No matter how small or big the feats were, I was making sure that I would commend myself for just having the excitement and drive to try something new.