My Third Week in Rennes




Monday 6/29

For dinner the Cirefe program held an event where all of the students met for dinner at a creperie. For 8€ we had cidre, a galette with cheese, ham, and egg, and for dessert a hazelnut crepe.

Wednesday 7/1

Mercredi au Thabor. The Cirefe organized another event that consisted of going as a group to the park to dance and listen to traditional Breton music. There were lots of games and food to partake in. For a Wednesday night, it was a pretty joyous affair.

Friday 7/3

Went on an excursion with the school. Our second field trip consisted of heading to the Brocèliand Forest which was about an hour away from Rennes. I loved that it was full of different legends and fairy tales. It was famous because people travel there from all over the world to visit Merlins tombs, hundreds of stone sculptures, a wishing rock, the fountain of youth, the fountain of lovers, and a fairy lake. It was a very unique hike that lasted all day. A lot of views were quite breathtaking and I felt it was truly a magical experience. One highlight of the day was that while hiking, I accidentally tripped on a log and fell into a hole which was quite embarassing as I did that in front of the entire group.

Saturday 7/4

For the 4th of July I began my day doing my grocery shopping at the market. Then later I visited the Tombee de la Nuit which was a three day festival that lasted all weekend. There were performers, music, dancers, and lots of activities people could participate in. Then later that night, we all went to a Korean restaurant. Since we had to grill our own meat, we joked that it was the closest thing to having a barbecue on Independence day. It was my second time ever spending Indepence Day in a foreign country and it felt weird being that there was nothing we could really do to commemorate the occassion.